Monday, September 5, 2016

Insisting On Stupid

Recently, Rep. Jim Jordan and Sen. Rubio put forth legislation to protect and restore Second Amendment rights in DC. In response, Rep. Elanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) better known as the “Hairless wonder” said “The GOP defense of gun rights is like bullying.” that's a typical response from an anti-gun fool. Any defense of a  right GUARANTEED by the Constitution has got to be “bullying, because she doesn't like it. Never mind the anti-gun efforts by people such as her IS “bullying.” Not LIKE bullying. What motivates these fools is beyond me. They just won't accept that gun rights are “settled law,” and have been since before the ink dried on the Constitution. Like other Democrats who liken the NRA to a “terrorist organization” for the same reason, they're STUPID. And, being stupid, have no idea they're stupid. She's so stupid as to suggest that protecting a RIGHT is “infringing on rights! How STUPID can you get? Where do we get these FOOLS? And how do they get elected, anyway? (Breitbart)

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