Monday, September 26, 2016

Stupendously Ignorant Law

Did you know that, after a recent decision by an Arizona court, if you change a baby's diaper, you are a child sex molester? My God! How stupid can they GET? It's gonna get pretty stinky in Arizona if this court's abysmally STUPID ruling remains! And babies will suffer from being made to remain in dirty diapers because nobody wants to change them, lest they be accused of child abuse and imprisoned for five years!. The ruling prohibits ANY contact with a baby's genitals. You not only can't CHANGE that baby, you can't give him/her a bath! The problem is, in making the law this decision is based on, they neglected to require the touching to be of a sexual nature. The Arizona legislature had a chance to correct that, but REFUSED. So it's not just the stupidity of a few judges, it's the stupidity of the LEGISLATURE that refused to correct the incompetence shown in the law! (Slate)

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