Sunday, September 27, 2015

Muslims Beat Bare-Breasted Women

Muslims just can't handle a forceful woman. They're used to their women being subservient to them and agreeing to wear those ugly tents they make them wear and not going out without a MALE member of her family to accompany her. They say she is a whore while they MAKE one of her. So when some women crashed a Muslim event, bare-breasted, running up on stage, they beat the hell out of them and, while the cops hauled them away, there were shouts from the audience of, “Rape them!' “Kill them!” Boy, was that a nasty thing to do, to make the Muslim Imams on stage look so stupid! Of course, that's hot too hard to do. They were in the process of doing it, themselves, telling their audience all about how they can beat their women and “keep them pure.” Of course, the shouts of “rape them!” reveal what they really want to do, and they do it, on a regular basis wherever they can capture someone else's women. Muslims say the only Muslims who do that are extremists, but a look as a REAL Koran will tell you raping and subjugating women are an important part of their “religion.” And their "culture." Yes, a FEW Muslims don't take that kind of thing seriously, just as some Christians don't take the Old Testament seriously. But if you “scratch a Muslim” you'll find a rapist and a murderer. (WorldNet Daily)

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