Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Islamaphobia Is Phony!

It's a “made-up term” designed to eliminate criticism of Islamic terrorists, AND the evil actions of many “moderate Muslims” by intimating the critic is somehow, “mentally disturbed,”They can call me what they want, I will continue to print and speak the TRUTH about them and their labels be DAMNED! Even if you only consider what they do to each other, Islam is EVIL! Under what other “religion can they threaten you with DEATH if you don't “convert” to Islam:? Or if converted, you decide to change to another religion? Under what other “religion” do they countenance the MURDER of women for TALKING to someone NOT a Muslim? And which other religion treats their women as “second class citizens” with no rights, whatever? And forces them to go about wearing what amounts to a TENT? Which other religion practices SLAVERY, today? NOT hundreds of years ago, TODAY! Or screw little boys and call it a "cultural thing?". They made this term up to STOP CRITICISM from weak-willed people who worry about what Muslims call them. I don't. I know it's meaningless. (Liberty Alliance)

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