Monday, September 28, 2015

Ben Carson Is Right

When they asked him of he would approve of a Muslim being elected president, he said, “No.” This was NOT “unreasoning bigotry,” as Muslims and liberals (read: dumb butts) say. It's common sense. Muslims are not just “different” from us. They are ENEMIES. Their very way of thinking is inimical to our way of life. Their “BIBLE” tells them to lie to us, to kill us, to behead us, and, NEVER: that's NEVER be a friend to one of us. Any bigotry there is on the part of the Muslim. Why? Because we don't believe in the same God they do. They want the whole world to believe in THEIR phony god they call, “Allah.” They get down on their noses and pray to him five times a day, with their butts in the air. Even those who are not among the Islamic extremists don't like us. They KILL their own CHILDREN if they associate with us. “honor killings” of their own daughters (not boys, you'll notice) if they're seen TALKING to a non-Muslim. God save them if they're caught KISSING an “Infidel" or worse, screwing one of us.

Their values are NOT our values. And thus, they are not QUALIFIED to be our president, or to be elected to ANY office in America. If they take our "oath of office,” they're LYING because if you are a Muslim you may NOT swear an oath to ANYBODY but Allah, and NOT be lying (which is okay, according to the Koran--the lying, of course). Barring them from being elected is not because of WHO they are, but WHAT they are. And it's NOT BIGOTRY, it's just GOOD SENSE. And don't let ANYBODY tell you different. One of the biggest “controversies” right now in America is over gays wanting to FORCE us to approve of them and their supposed marriages.” And we get in trouble if we resist. In Muslim countries, they say there ARE no gays. That's because they KILL them as soon as they find them. The cops don't do it, ANY Muslim who “uncovers” one (who isn't gay, him/herself) is allowed (expected) to kill them, with impunity. (CNN)

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