Saturday, September 26, 2015

What's Wrong With People?

A teacher had her students write “fan letters” to Syrian “rebels.” According to the Site Intelligence Group and the Middle East Media Research Group, the letters “heaped praise” on them and referred to them as “heroes” and “role models.” Never mind they're the ENEMY, killing thousands of innocent Christians and Jews because they weren't Muslims, beheading many. One child said, in her letter, “I wish I could be there, fighting for Islam.” Which just shows how easily pro-Islam fools can take impressionable children in. And what they “learn” early stays with them, even if they're exposed to the truth later. What makes people like this teacher “tick,” I don't know. Doesn't he/she know these people are wanton rapists and killers? That they aren't people who should be admired in any way? Or is he/she a Muslim extremist him/herself, for which this teacher should be REMOVED, and disciplined for subversion. According to the British Daily Mail, this teacher has posted praise for Islamic militants (extremists) in the past. (The Blaze)

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