Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hillary's "Accomplishments"

Wolf, Blitzer asked Hillary to name her top accomplishment as Secretary of State and she couldn't. She referred us to her book, trying to get SOME of us to actually BUY it. She did mention a few things that are IN the book, including her CLAIM to have negotiated a truce between Israel and HAMAS, something that doesn't exist, if all the rocket bombs raining down on Israel daily are any indication. All the others she mentioned are SOCIALIST “pipe dreams” she faults the GOP for not mentioning. Of course, the GOP doesn't mention them because they ARE socialist ideas, and they're NOT socialists. Hillary is a “dedicated socialist,” whether or not she admits it. A simple look at her ideas will confirm that. Her candidacy only appeals to socialist dupes, which explains why Bernie Sanders is beating her. Bernie is an ADMITTED socialist. A look at that self-satisfied expression on her face will tell you a lot about her, too. (Daily Caller)

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