Monday, September 28, 2015

Slavery Is Nasty

And we did it, in the PAST. Muslims do it, NOW! Worse, they CASTRATE almost ALL male slaves to keep them from having sex with female slaves. They want to reserve that “right” for themselves. And the way they do it guarantees a high death rate among slaves. There is an estimated 600,000 slaves in Mauritania, alone. And no telling how many in other Muslim countries. Liberals like to make a “big thing” about the slavery we USED TO DO, but say not a word about the slavery NOW practiced by their favorite people, the Muslims. And this is not even those Muslims who are making war on anybody who doesn't believe exactly the way they approve. These are “everyday” Muslims who are SUPPOSEDLY not at war with “Infidels.” Their word for “unbelievers.” (Conservative Tribune)

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