Sunday, September 27, 2015

Is the Pope A Liberal?

Yes. Absolutely. He speaks of communism in approving tones. He thinks socialism (which is just another form of collectivism) is a “good thing,” which shows his intelligence is not what it should be. Why do I say that? Because communism AND socialism, and all other forms of collectivism are BASED on STEALING from the PRODUCER of new wealth, for the benefit of those who EARN no new wealth, and simply let the government steal it for them and pay their way in life, instead of paying it themselves. When socialism (or communism) takes over, it destroys INITIATIVE to do anything for yourself, since the whole idea is for the government to provide it, after they steal it from the producer. There is a “subset” of people happy with that arrangement, because it demands nothing of them except their vote in any election, for Democrats, who are the party of collectivism.

The very MOTTO of collectivism (in all its forms) is, “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED,” making NEED a demand on the earnings of others.It's simply based on jealousy and greed. In addition, the Pope is in favor of the whole idea of “man-caused climate change” (or whatever AlGore calls his swindle today). Gore has used this roundly DISCREDITED theory to amass $BILLIONS, while various politicians (Obama included) use it to gain more power and as an excuse to raise our taxes higher and higher. Socialism is an EVIL system that is DESTINED to FAIL eventually, whenever they run out of “other people's money,” and has already failed in Russia, which was, for 75 years, it's biggest “showcase.”

It still exists in China (which has moved toward capitalism in part, so as to stay alive) and Cuba, which is still as much a communist nation as it ever was, under Castro (with financial help from other collectivist nations that are still economically viable), while several other nations still survive under communism, but are in economic trouble, themselves. The “hallmark”:of life under the Castros is that people who disagree, in any way, (with “the revolution), which is what they call their pipe dreams being jailed and executed, while the average age of cars in Cuba (except those driven by high government officials, of course) is the 1950s. People risk their lives to leave Cuba sometimes successfully (and other times unsuccessfully as witness the 6-year-old Cuban refugee Clinton sent back, after his mother died to get him out of Cuba). The very fact that the current Pope favors communism AND “climate change” shows me that his intelligence isn't what it \should be, though he IS a “NICE MAN.” (BBC)

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