Thursday, October 1, 2015

House Votes to Defund PP

Of course, that won't do anything unless the Senate does, too; and again, that won't do anything unless the president agrees, and knowing Obama, he's likely too approve, unless sanity begins to prevail in DC for a change. At least, the Republicans are (finally) doing something they promised to do (except for the leadership), instead of surrendering to Obama's wishes in everything, as they have been doing up to this point. What this does do is put the Democrats on record as APPROVING the mass murder of infants before they even get a chance at life. Why Democrats can't understand that Planned Parenthood is “Murder Incorporated” for babies, I don't know. They keep saying that to defund them would destroy womens' access to good health care—which is a damned LIE, like every other excuse they use for doing their stupidities. PP is NOT the ONLY source for what they provide (outside of maybe killing their unwanted kids). We will be well rid of PP is this gets approved (unless they're kept in business by private enterprise). Think about it: what would we do if they had aborted Bill Gates, or Einstein, or any of the other geniuses who are responsible for our current and future lifestyle? (Allen West)

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