Sunday, October 11, 2015

Muslim Rapes Little Girl

She was lucky. It happened in Minneapolis. Had it happened in a Muslim country, they'd have said she “probably came on to him” and let him go. But surprisingly, the Muslim community in Minneapolis went out of their way to catch him. The whole thing was filmed by security cameras, so there's no doubt as to what he did. He is KNOWN to have mental problems, but that doesn't excuse what he did. He may not survive his trip to the Minneapolis jail. Other convicts might just deal out a little “street justice.” Anybody who has sex with a girl that young is a menace to society. But to RAPE her is worse. Whatever happens to him, he has coming. What angers me is that in Muslim-run countries, such behavior is not only ACCEPTED, it's considered a “cultural thing,” which tells me a lot about their “culture.” (Western Journalism Center)

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