Thursday, October 8, 2015

Proof of Incompetence

No damned wonder the government needs to work so hard to get as much tax money out of us as humanly possible. They MISSPEND our money by the $Trillions of dollars! That's not what COMPETENT people do. What pains me is they spend our money so lavishly, and then scrimp on how much money they PROPERLY spend on veterans, who put their butts on the line for them. In addition to the drastically horrible treatment they get from the VA to the “targeting” of veterans for “gun control,” saying they're not “good prospects” to have guns, even though they GAVE them guns to use when they worked for the government, and TRAINED them in how to use them. I would be a lot less unwilling to pay more taxes if this government wasn't so free with the money they get. Then they wouldn't need so much—except for the graft. (CNS News)

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