Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Total Incompetence

I've said a number of times that the people running things in this country are largely incompetent. One of the areas of their incompetence is in their reaction to “gun violence.” Instead of going after the real causes of it, they try and eliminate guns—something that is impossible to do, and wouldn't stop the “gun violence,” anyway. Criminals, and people who want to do mass shootings will still get their guns, as they always have, in spite of tight “gun laws.” Take Chicago, for instance. They have laws so tight the courts are declaring many of them unconstitutional. Yet, at the same time, they have one of the highest “gun crime” stats in the country. Right now, they're suffering from an “epidemic of gun violence. The same thing is true of many cities with tight gun laws. Cities like Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, etc. But do these politicians learn from this? Not a chance.

They're completely myopic on the subject. Australia all but BANNED guns, entirely, and their gun crime rate went into the stratosphere. Meanwhile, instead of going after the SHOOTERS, they go after the guns. That's where incompetence comes in. If they were COMPETENT, they'd see to it laws were made to punish USE of guns in crime and STOP the practice of using existing gun use laws as “bargaining chips” to get convictions in other crimes. They'd find better ways to figure out who is more prone to doing such things and make laws that would stop them from being able to do gun violence. There are many other ways to do this, but they never even TRY to use them. They just try the impossible, to “eliminate guns,” which is an impossibility. Their answer is always to take guns away from HONEST, law-abiding people, and leave them completely defenseless in the face of ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. Their incompetence gets people killed.

Their incompetence is shown in this, and other situations, such as their handling of the Islamic terrorism problem. Obama will not even SAY “Islamic terrorism,” much less DO something about it. He makes a few feeble efforts in that direction to make us think he is “doing something,” while Putin (another armed criminal) actually DOES something in Syria. Unfortunately, what Putin does is to bomb the terrorists fighting a bloody dictator. He makes a deal with the Mullahs in Iran that FACILITATES their sponsorship of Islamic terrorism by allowing them access to billions of dollars we previously kept them from using, while guaranteeing them to get “the bomb” in fifteen years so they can wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. He spends money like water, and his cronies work night and day to scam more and more money out of us to pay for it all. He thinks socialism is the proper system for us, when it isn't. It is a system based on THEFT of the things PRODUCERS have produced, for the benefit of those who can't, or WON'T produce anything, themselves.

And it's not just Obama. Democrats have been running things in many places in this country for years, and things have been “going to hell in a handbasket.” They don't know what to do, but they're good at one thing: getting elected by “hook or crook.” They SAY there is NO election fraud in this country, while I can name many cases of it. They're simply blind to it. They are adamantly AGAINST one of the simplest cures for that, “picture ID to vote,” because that will limit their election fraud programs. Programs that get them elected so they can screw us some more. At the same time, we keep electing them, based on their promises, even if those promises are “pie-in-the-sky” and patently impossible. Like Obama's promises to “lower the sea levels” and cut the national debt in HALF within the first four years of his administration. Instead, he TRIPLED it, spending more money than there IS. More than ALL previous presidents. (Just common sense)

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