Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"It Wuz A Joke!"

That's what a damned fool employee of a “Dunkin' Donuts in Connecticut told a cop who was waiting in line to buy a cup of coffee. His manager stopped the cop as he walked away and apologized, telling the employee to apologize, too, and said “it was a joke.” Pretty crappy sense of humor for that employee, who I'll BET was one of those “Kill The cops” idiots. He was suspended, and the manager was FIRED after that incident. I think BOTH of them should have been fired, summarily, and barred from ever working for a “Dunkin' Donuts” franchise, ever again. This is a serious situation, and not something to be “joked” about. It is this kind of ignorance that helps fools push for such stupid things as this current “war on cops.” If cops are removed from the equation, who are you gonna call when one of those thugs victimizes you? Stupid!, stupid! (Town Hall)

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