Sunday, October 25, 2015

Damned Fool Politicians!

It's damned foolishness and incompetence to disarm honest, reliable Americans while doing nothing to keep guns away from criminals. They can't do much about that, you say? Then why DISARM us while the criminals, crazies, and terrorists have free access to their guns? Another thing that's damned foolishness is thinking that a LAW will keep criminals and other evil-doers from getting their guns, with which to victimize us. All that does is make “sitting ducks” of us all, leaving us no way to defend ourselves when confronted with a criminal holding a gun. You'd think politicians would be smart enough to know these things. But apparently they're not, because they keep making those fool laws such as declaring “gun-free zones.” in which most mass shootings occur, gun registration schemes, in which ONLY honest people register their guns while the “bad guys” ignore it, “gun locks,” which crooks also ignore, etc. I keep saying most politicians are INCOMPETENT, and this is but one illustration of the truth of my opinion. There are many more that ALSO cost people their lives, but this is just one of the most obvious. (Just common sense)

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