Sunday, October 4, 2015

Government Tyranny Soon

Maybe it's here, already. Little by little, state by state, they're making laws that will make using cash illegal. In Louisiana, they just missed passing a law that would have accomplished that. In one place, a guy tried to pay his mortgage in cash at Bank of America, and he got arrested! The government wants to FORCE us to use credit cards or debit cards, so they can keep track of our spending. When we use cash for everything (as I do), they can't trace everything we buy, legal or illegal. I'm damned glad that at age 78, I won't be around to live under such tyranny for long (I hope so, anyway). They want to be able to know whenever we make a purchase, or pay somebody for anything, so they can decide whether or not to charge us with their idea of a crime for doing so. If they can keep track of all our payments AND income from ANY source, they can better control us. Soon, we'll have to ask some nameless, faceless bureaucrat for permission to spend, or accept ANY money. Somebody who has no business having such authority over us Soon, we'll have to ask some fool's permission to let a fart. (Inquisitr)

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