Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Constitutionalists "A Threat"

Many federal agents consider people who believe in the constitution and demand it be followed to be a “threat.” Which tells me those feds who think this way are CRIMINALS, getting ready to commit crimes against citizens, the first being to attempt to penalize people for BEING constitutionalists. Those thinking that way ARE criminals, who wish to VIOLATE the Constitution, which is the BASIS for the laws of the land. I guess they'd better come after me, because I'm DEFINITELY a “constitutionalist.” And I KNOW my Constitution and WILL demand it be observed, and to hell with them. In some “training” sessions for local law enforcement run by the feds, they teach that just CARRYING a copy of the Constitution should be considered a threat. Based on what law, I don't know. I carry one, and have many in my office. I even have a link to it on my main web site. So I guess I'm guilty of violating whatever imaginary law that is. (Minuteman News)

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