Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"Peaceful Muslims"

People wonder why I have no use for Muslims. Muslim apologists say they are just like us, people working hard and just trying to get along. Yeah. If a Muslim marries a woman she is his PROPERTY. She must have a family male escort ANY time she leaves the house.. She is obliged to wear headscarf that completely covers her head and clothes that do not allow ANY glimpse of skin. In many cases she is required to wear what resembles a TENT with only her EYES visible. If, in spite of all those restrictions, she gets raped, SHE is the one who gets the blame. It is said she “seduced” the man. If she REPORTS the rape, she gets 95 lashes with a whip. If her family finds out she was raped, she is ostracized, and sometimes murdered by a family member, since it is said she “shamed” them. In many Muslim societies, rape of LITTLE BOYS is not only condoned, it is considered a “cultural thing,” as is keeping the boy chained to a bed so as to keep him around as a sex slave. Rape is an important thing in the Muslim “culture” and especially in time of war. Rape is a “war tactic, as is beheading. These are not things human beings do, they are what BARBARIANS do. So whether or not they are RADICAL Muslims, the things they do, just to women and boys, are an anathema to thinking people. Muslims will want to KILL me for reporting this, truth or not. But that's okay, they want to kill me anyway, for not being a Muslim. (Conservative Tribune)

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