Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hillary Unqualified?

Town Hall pundit John Hawkins says, “Hillary is about as well qualified to be president as is Paris Hilton, who is famous for being famous, with nothing else, except for her looks, which Hillary lacks, to recommend her. I disagree. She is LESS qualified, considering all the CRIMINAL allegations (most proven already) against her. Otherwise, what qualifies her? Being the wife of a “skirt-chasing president” who got IMPEACHED because of it, and lost his law license for five years? (It should have been made permanent) Being a Senator in a seat that was GIVEN her by “the powers that be” as a reward for “looking the other way” and running the “bimbo explosion” as his excuse?” Or being secretary of State (another “shut up gift”) from Obama) for a few years, where she screwed up royally and even got four government employees KILLED through her incompetence? Rather than sitting in the Oval Office, she is only “qualified” to sit in a cell in a federal prison for racketeering and corruption. She says that “House Panel” was set up only to “smear her.” But the deaths of her four victims and her refusal to answer questions about it says otherwise. (Town Hall)

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