Sunday, October 18, 2015

Good for Them!

Virginia residents are refusing to return the license plates that contain an image taken from the Confederate Flag. They realize that the “prohibition” on the use of that flag that's now raging in liberal (Democrat) circles is a “straw dog” and a “red herring” that is designed to take our attention off the REAL problem, which is black bigotry against whites. Nobody seems to remember that the Confederate Flag was once a symbol of DEMOCRAT politicians, Bill Clinton, in particular. You know, the “master criminal” who is said to be “the most popular politician in the country." But try to elect him to ANYTHING except the “FBI” (Federal Boob Inspector) and he'll steal the election like he has done before. It's also helping to disguise the fact that it was the DEMOCRATS who were the racists in the past (present, and future). It is the DEMOCRATS that Martin Luther King demonstrated against. And it was DEMOCRATS who filibustered AGAINST the “Equal Rights Amendment.” (1776 Coalition)

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