Friday, October 30, 2015

Jindal Was Right

He told us some time ago about Muslim “no-go zones” in other countries, and was instantly derided, and it damaged his presidential hopes. But now it turns out he was right, since journalist Valentina Xhafen went into one of those “non-existent” zones to report on somebody being “stoned” just for being there and was stoned, herself. This happened in the City of Tensta, Sweden, as she entered an area KNOWN to be a “Muslim no-go zone” for non-Muslims. More than 70% of the residents of that city are “foreign-born,” and most of those are Muslims.

There are such “zones” in America, too, where no non-Muslim dares to go. There, they use cell phone trees to gather gangs to assault anybody who “violates” their “turf,” just like American street gangs. I personally witnessed one instance where a Muslim came up to a car containing some non-Muslim men and personally hit one of the men with his fist, then was joined by a horde of Muslims to attempt to “beat up” all those in the car. The car sped away and they were unsuccessful, but not for want of trying. This is the kind of thing you can expect, as Obama's “Muslim hordes” get here. Be ready to repulse them. Of course, they'll call me an “Islamaphobe” (a false accusation, using a phony, made-up word) for saying this, but I don't care what Muslims say. That's how they try and limit criticism. (Eagle Rising)

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