Thursday, October 8, 2015

Good Economic News?

That's what Obama and his goons have been reporting, and have cited phony numbers to back them up. They CLAIM unemployment is now “hovering' around 5%, which is generally regarded as NO unemployment, at all. But there are MILLIONS of people who WANT to work, who have GIVEN UP on ever finding a job, again, that they don't count in their phony figures. That's how they arrive at their phony “low-ball” numbers. They “prop up the overall economy by PRINTING MONEY and putting it into circulation. They even have a name for it: “Quantitative Easing.” They automatically INCREASE the budgets of ALL federal agencies by 10% every year, and if Congress reduces that to, say, 7%, they call it a “3% CUT, when actually, it's just a reduction in the INCREASE by 3%. This whole government is run buy a bunch of CON MEN, and has been for a long time. On both sides. That's not a “conspiracy theory.” It's a matter of FACT. Word is that when Reagan LOWERED the tax base rate to 28% from 70%, the “tax take” almost DOUBLED. The con men decry this. But even if it didn't happen, Reagan's policies caused an INCREASE in the “tax take, while the cuts helped cause a “turnaround” in the economy that lasted well into the 2000s, despite a “shallow recession” under Democrat Bill Clinton. (Heritage Foundation)

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