Saturday, October 3, 2015

Don't Want You to Know

The Obama administration apparently wants to hide the fact that the gun that killed Brian Terry was one of the guns Obama ran to Mexico's drug cartels under the GUISE of a “scam” to identify that legal gun dealers sold guns to them. Instead, it SUPPLIED them with many guns, and have led to many murders, including this one. But Obama doesn't want you to know that, so he sent word to the judge in this case to BAN all mention of the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scheme in the killer's trial. He doesn't want us to know that without his gun-running scheme, this guy would have had a little harder time getting the gun he used to kill this guy. The massive coverup is the kind of criminal act we have come to expect from that criminal in the White House, Barack Obama. His scam was SUPPOSED to show how legal gun dealers sold guns “under the table” to Mexican drug cartels. But what they didn't tell you is they ORDERED those dealers to sell them the guns, or they wouldn't have done so. (Truth About Guns)

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