Friday, October 23, 2015

Seattle's Failing Job Market

Seattle, which has one of the most liberal city governments in the country, approved an ordinance FORCING employers to pay a $15.00 minimum wage. Of course, they were the first in the nation to fall for this nonsense, and now they have lost 700 restaurant jobs from January to September of just this year. Meanwhile, restaurant employment in the rest of Washington state is booming. There has been an INCREASE of restaurant employment everywhere in Washington State EXCEPT Seattle of 5,800 jobs. In the past three years, UNTIL they raised that minimum wage rate, they saw an INCREASE of 4,000 jobs. Will the liberals in charge take note of this and reverse themselves? Doubtful. They're too incompetent. Likely they'll find something else to blame, as Obama usually does. Raising the wages for people who need training to do the most simple of jobs will ALWAYS cost jobs and put people out of business. But don't try and convince those buffoons making their laws. (Conservative Byte)

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