Monday, October 5, 2015

Obama's REAL History

Obama has seen to it that this video cannot be seen anywhere but a very limited audience (that he can't control), and there are good reasons why. It refuted most of what he has said and shows that he was born to a communist, raised by communists. schooled in foreign Muslim schools, had a known communist mentor, and lied about most of his past, working HARD to make sure none of this ever came out. He trained to be a communist, read Noam Chomsky's “Rules for Radicals” and accepted those principles without question. He was BORN a communist, raised a communist, by communist parents. Trained to be a communist, and they claim he is NOT a communist? Not only that, he was schooled in foreign Muslim schools, where hatred for America is a staple of their curriculum. He entered at least one school as “foreign student.” Either he lied then, or is lying now. (You Tube)

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