Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Talk About Deja-Vu!

Evita Peron took a thriving democracy in Argentina and made it into a struggling “socialist utopia,” and then the “people,” who seemed to idolize her, tried to re-elect her and Juan after he had left office. She was certainly good-looking enough. I wrote an article about that several years ago, as Hillary seemed to be moving things in the same direction, and it seems now to be prophetic. She's trying her best to follow Evita's script. If she's successful, we can only hope she follows it to the end. Evita died of cancer, I believe (there are already rumors about Hillary's health), before she could COMPLETELY destroy the economy of her country. But the damage she did was major, and took YEARS to partially reverse. She never quite made it to the presidency, succumbing to cancer while running for vice-president. Most of the damage she wreaked on the Argentinian economy was done as the “First Lady” to President Juan Peron, who appointed her to several important positions, which she used to promote her Fascist ideas (Fascism is one form of collectivism, socialism is another, as is communism), which pretty much destroyed the economy of the country. (Wikipedia)

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