Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Visits Mosque, Kills Cop

Or at least somebody he figured was a cop because he was coming out of a police station in New South Wales, Australia. What the hell? I thought gun crime was non-existent in Australia, after they effectively banned guns. Of course, nobody mentions that. It would be “politically incorrect.” What else is “politically incorrect” is to mention he visited a MOSQUE just before killing this man. That's probably where he got the gun. It was certainly where he got the IDEA. But the liberal media is not mentioning that. Why? They're apparently afraid to “offend” Muslims. That seems to be a SICKNESS affecting the media worldwide. And there's no reason for it. Who the hell cares what MUSLIMS think? He shot the guy and kept shooting him until the cops came out and KILLED him. A 15-year-old BOY! I guess the Muslims got tired of screwing him and sent him out to get killed. (Conservative Tribune)

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