Saturday, October 17, 2015

Churches Bless Abortion

I always wondered how Hitler got away with killing so many Jews during his “reign,” but now I know. I can see the same thing unfolding in the Planned Parenthood scandal. We all KNOW they're MURDERING BABIES by the millions. It doesn't matter if they sell the baby's body parts or not. The first crime makes the second understandable (if not condoned). What ISN'T understandable is the (mostly Democrat) politicians who have come out in SUPPORT of Planned Parenthood in SPITE of their murderous crimes. I suspect it was a similar thing in Germany, especially since Hitler's people controlled the press (here, the press controls itself). Now multiple CHURCHES are “blessing” abortion clinics, even though I don't know of a single church group (that is not Muslim) that doesn't CONDEMN abortion. They've got their blinders firmly in place. (Last Resistance)

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