Sunday, October 11, 2015

Prosecutopr Bans Guns

If you work for this prosecutor, you can't have a gun—not even at home. In Nassau County, NY, the prosecutor has banned his assistant prosecutors (and all other employees, I guess) from even OWNING a gun at home, much less carry one in their jobs. This when some prosecutors are in a position to make deadly ENEMIES of many felons by sending them to prison, some of which, I KNOW blame the prosecutor and the cops for the trouble they got themselves into, and want to hurt them. To disarm these people is a tragic and ignorant mistake, but one I expect in an area largely peopled by liberals, New York. For some reason, liberals are adamantly AGAINST self-defense, in any form. They don't care how many innocent people get killed by the stupid laws they make. (Second Amendment Insider)

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