Sunday, October 11, 2015

Background Checks Useless

Gun control fools keep saying expanded background checks are “reasonable” and are “common sense.” But they aren't. Did you know that Jared Laughner—the guy who scrambled Gabby Gifford's brains with a bullet PASSED a background check while buying the very gun he used to try and kill her? Vester Lee Flanagan killed a television reporter and her cameraman, and wounded a person being interviewed, with a gun he bought (and passed a background check for) just a few days before. Senator Joe Manchin (Democrat, what else?) touted gun control and background checks after the Sandy Hook shootings. He made speeches about it, held “town halls,” and pushed it as hard as he could. Then he conceded that his background check bill would NOT have done ANYTHING to stop that, or any other mass shooting, but wanted it passed, anyway, calling it, “common sense legislation.” Tell me—what's “common sense” about legislation even its SPONSOR knows will do NOTHING to accomplish ANYTHING? Then think about people who get their guns illegally, and do not register them, at all. A “universal background check” wouldn't even KNOW about them. So what the hell good is a “background check law?” (Breitbart)

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