Friday, October 23, 2015

Gun Control....NOT!

Obama talks a good game about “reducing gun crime," but the things he does INCREASE it. For instance, he's seeing to it that 6,000 prisoners who have been drug offenders are released shortly. Many of whom have used guns in their “work,” some even using automatic weapons. We're talking about “semi-autos” here, not just automatic handguns. Literally “machine guns.” Many have been convicted of gun violence. The writer of the article linked here says, “Releasing so many “hardened criminals” in a short time will CERTAINLY send the crime rate, specifically the GUN crime rate skyrocketing.” But Obama doesn't care. He's got a “societal experiment” in mind, and he will not be dissuaded from it. He's sending some to “halfway houses,: for all the good that will do in keeping them from resuming their life of crime. He's sending others to “immigration authorities,” for “eventual deportation.” You know how well THAT works. They'll probably disappear into the populace and never be heard from again until their next violent crime. If he IS deported, he will be back, as soon as he can. It's obvious to INTELLIGENT people that this is a very BAD move, but it's NOT obvious to such as Obama. They call them “small time crooks,” but many of them are repeat offenders. And when the crime rate predictably skyrockets, they will; blame it in the Republicans, or one specific Republican, George W. Bush. (Bearing Arms)

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