Monday, October 5, 2015

Suicide By Cop

One sheriff said, “Some people choose to be shot by us.” Which causes liberals to “lose their minds,” but it's true. Most of the people cops shoot who are later found to be unarmed do something, SHOW something to convince the cop they're not only armed, but wish to harm him/her—so they get shot. And the cop takes the blame, sometimes just losing his (or her) job and career, sometimes going to prison him(her)self. But try and convince those “useful idiots” in the “black lives matter” bunch of that. They only believe the worst of cops, for their own purposes. Most of them are criminals, in their own right. And yes, they are in danger of being shot by cops as they go about their criminal enterprise. But murdering cops from ambush is NOT going to “help their cause.” It's only going to create a situation that makes what they say about cops come true. Cops, knowing they are targets, will be super vigilant, and quick to shoot, to save their own lives. Then they will have their “self-fulfilling prophecy.” Know that the “black lives matter” movement is a movement of criminals, FOR criminals. It's a short-sighted attempt to “get the cops off their back,” and it's NOT going to work. It will (and is) make(ing) things worse than ever, with more cops (and criminals) dying than ever before. And what for? To make criminals feel good. (Bearing Arms)

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