Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Constitution "Just A Decoration?"

That's apparently what this court thinks when it upheld the arrest of some people for ignoring an order by the cops to stop carrying a sign on federal property, in front of a court building. They recently made an UNCONSTITUTIONAL law banning handing out leaflets or carrying signs in front of a federal building, and that's what the cops were enforcing. In support of their appeal, his lawyers said, ““If citizens cannot stand out in the open and voice their disapproval of their government, its representatives and its policies without fearing prosecution, then the First Amendment is little more than window-dressing on a store window – pretty to look at but serving little real purpose,” The funny thing is that this “contretemps” happened in front of the Supreme Court building, where freedom of speech should be revered, but apparently, isn't. (World Net Daily)

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