Thursday, October 29, 2015

Taking It To Them

Republicans FINALLY “took it to them” when the Democrat moderators of the most recent Republican debate tried to “take them down” with their questions. They abandoned any pretense of fairness in the very questions they asked—and the debaters “called them on it.” Now they're whining about the Republicans complaining about their “simple hard questions,” when that's not what they were, at all. One of them was about the Republicans being “comic strip politicians” when it was the moderators themselves were “cartoonish.” They SET OUT to make the debaters look foolish, and what they accomplished was to make THEMSELVES look foolish. Why anybody would schedule a REPUBLICAN debate on a blatantly partisan LIBERAL TV network is beyond me. That sounds like an incompetent decision, to me. But I think the debaters handled themselves quite well, and made the moderators look as foolish as the moderators wanted to make THEM look. I'd like to say, “they won't try that again,” but I know they will. They're too stupid to know they've gotten several Republican fists in their faces. They think they won, but they didn't. (Conservative Byte)

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