Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Pope Lies

The Pope REQUESTED a meeting with Kim Davis, the County clerk who went to jail rather than do something against her religious principles. He told her to “stick to your guns” or words to that effect. But now, after “suffering the slings and arrows” of the liberals, who don't think ANYBODY has the right to disagree with them, he is now “backing away from supporting her in her quest for the religious freedom that was promised her in the Constitution. No law has been made to limit her ability to follow her religion, but an officious judge made his own law by charging her with “contempt of court” for not following his unconstitutional demand. Now the Pope is in the position of denying any sort of SUPPORT for her quest for religious freedom. The TOP MAN in a major religion KNOWN to be against abortion AND gay sex is “running away” from her and “throwing her under the bus” after ASKING to see her. (Conservative Byte)

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