Tuesday, October 6, 2015

He Needs to Be Replaced

Chicago's “top cop” needs to be forced to find another job that doesn't tell cops it's okay to shoot people who have “carry permits” just because he doesn't like the idea of legal guns on the street. He ignores the fact that there are millions of ILLEGAL guns on the streets, in the hands of people who wish us evil, and those who have LEGAL guns can help the cops immensely, by killing those with illegal guns when they try and victimize someone. This guy is short-sighted and incompetent to do this job. He should be fired and not allowed to EVER be any kind of a cop again in his life, because he isn't thinking right. He doesn't know who the “enemy” is, and thinks honest people are the enemy because they're armed. He thinks only cops should be carrying guns, even though studies have shown that cops are FIVE TIMES more likely to shoot the wrong person than anybody else. And that's only going to get worse with all the thugs out there thinking the “black lives matter” crap gives them a “license to kill cops.” (Bearing Arms)

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