Thursday, October 29, 2015

They Have The Right Idea

In response to the wave of Palestinian (Islamic terrorist) personal violence against individual Israelis, the government in Israel is “relaxing” the requirements to get a “carry permit.” Would that our politicians be as intelligent. But not a chance. They don't care about how many people get killed by the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals and crazies—and soon in the hands of all the Islamic terrorists Obama is importing by the thousands. Our politicians are only interested in disarming the HONEST people who OBEY their useless laws. It would be smart to elect politicians who REALIZE that we need more guns in the hands of honest, reliable people to counter the millions of guns in the hands of fools, But it ain't agonna happen as long as people who pay NO attention to politics keep voting in those idiots who think a LAW is going to stop the fools who don't OBEY laws from getting their guns. I got it! Declare Israel a “gun-free zone!” That'd do it! Er.... (Town Hall)

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