Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"Most Popular Politician"

Alan combs, Fox's chief liberal, says Bill Clinton is “the most popular politician in the country.” My question is, “why?” He's a known skirt-chaser and cuckold whose own wife started the “bimbo eruption” scam to protect him after he left a semen stain on the dress of a White House page after she gave him oral sex in the White House, and he raped several other women. He's an IMPEACHED president who also lost his law license for five years for LYING to a congressional committee. And THIS is “the most popular politician in America?”  If so, Americans are pathetic. If he hadn't known where most of the bodies were buried, and maybe buried a few, himself, he would be a REMOVED, impeached ex-president. That he is so popular (among Democrats and other liberals, of course) is not surprising. This is the party that WELCOMED an impeached (and removed) federal judge into their ranks in Congress, remember. This is the party that was THE racists Martin Luther King marched against, many of whom were KKK members before they were elected to Congress. That he IS so popular tells me a lot about the INTELLIGENCE of most Democrats. (Politico)

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