Monday, October 12, 2015

How Could This Happen?

Australia has all but TOTALLY banned guns in the hands of anybody but the government. I thought that was supposed to stop ALL gun violence. The “gun-grabbers” told us so! I guess that was a lie, just like all the other lies they tell us. In Australia, where guns are BANNED, a 15-year-old kid shoots and kills a cop, right after Obama touted Australia as a “gun-free utopia.” What the hell is WRONG with these incompetent fools? How did this son of known radicalized Islamic terrorists get a gun? Probably with his parent's help, while they probably got it with then help of the local Imam. The kid walked right into a police station, one place that is supposed to be safe, and murdered a policeman (at least, he thought it was a cop). That's what Islamic terrorists do. Sneak up and “blind-side” you. Other cops killed the kid, which will probably create a “stink” from liberals about killing a kid, ignoring what he had just done. The kid's family, who probably knew what he was about to do, have “flown the coop.” Cops are hunting them. But like roaches when the lights come on, they have “scurried away” and are probably in Damascus by now. Have you read about this in the liberal media? You probably won't. (Twitchy)

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