Saturday, October 17, 2015

They Meant It That Way

“Fingerprint databases; statist licensing schemes; hefty fees; the never-ending bureaucratic application and reapplication process; plastic-coated permission slips. Sometimes it seems the roadblocks and regulations anti-gun activists and their political minions have thrown up to discourage law-abiding citizens from carrying a concealed firearm are endless.” It almost seems they do that on purpose. Guess what? THEY DO. They can't just BAN GUNS. So they put up all kinds of “hoops” for us to “jump through” before they, in their “goodness,” give us their PERMISSION to do what is our constitutional RIGHT. That earlier quote came directly from an e-mail I got from Dudley Brown, of “Rocky Mountain Gun Owners,” and it's very correct. It's their way of MINIMIZING the number of people able to exercise that constitutional right. (RMGO)

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