Friday, October 16, 2015

Implementing the Dictatorship

Obama has announced a “new wrinkle” in his efforts to completely silence the opposition and solidify his agenda to create a dictatorship in America with him as the dictator. He has already “globalized” the local cops (against constitutional admonitions against federal police) through the “Strong Cities Network," and now he has appointed a “Chief Thug” (a “czar”) who will have nothing to do except “go after right wing extremists.” Which means ANYBODY who doesn't agree with him. The DEFINITION of “right-wing extremists” will BE everybody to the right of HIS positions, on ANYTHING. This item. Alone, would probably get me a prison sentence (or maybe worse) when this really gets going. He says this “czar” would target home-grown terrorists who plan violence, AND “violent right-wing extremists” who hold bigoted or anti-government views, or who see themselves as “sovereign citizens.” Who gets to DEFINE these people? You guess. Will he go after “Nation of Islam's” (Calypso Louie) Farrakhan for telling his followers to kill cops? Not a chance. Louie is pushing HIS “war on cops.” (World Net Daily)

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