Thursday, October 22, 2015

He "Ended Two Wars"

Obama brags about “ending two wars,” though all he did was 'SURRENDER” and order his troops to “cut and run,” leaving millions (billions?) of dollars' worth of guns, ammunition, and equipment behind for the Islamic terrorists to capture and use to kill more and more people. So now he's starting his OWN WAR in Cameroon, where he's sending troops to fight the same people (under a different name) Bush was fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. He's too stupid to realize that's the SAME WAR Bush was fighting, and it IS “worth fighting,” wherever it “pops up.” He's doing the SAME THING he and his accomplices criticized Bush for doing, and even though he's right to do it, he will claim, “it's different this time.” If it's right now, it was right, then, whether he will recognize that, or not. If he imposes the same “rules of contact” in Cameroon as he has elsewhere, he will cause the deaths of many soldiers without making a dent in the enemy, as he didn't do elsewhere. (Town Hall)

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