Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gun Violence Down (?)

In Chicago, despite the bloody weekend, gun violence is still DOWN. Fact is, it had a long way to go to really get below the days before Chicago’s literal gun ban. But in any case, it just shows that gun violence in Chicago is OUTSIDE what can be controlled by ANY law limiting gun ownership by EVERYBODY. Gang-bangers and other criminals will ALWAYS be able to get their guns, so such laws are USELESS. They need to make more laws making the USE of guns to do violence a crime drawing a longer sentence to keep the USERS off the streets longer. Further, such laws will discourage criminals from USING their guns to do violence. Making laws to allow honest, reliable people to CARRY their guns for self-defense is another category where laws CAN do some good. Letting honest people carry guns will NOT “create a wild West atmosphere,” as anti-gin fools say. I used to have a “carry permit,” and I never shot anybody over something trivial—in fact, I never shot anybody, period. (CNN)

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