Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You're A "Potential Terrorist!"

At least, according to the feds. If you are a conservative, a Christian, a libertarian, or a gun owner, you're “potential terrorist.” If you're opposed to abortion, communism, illegal immigration, or the United Nations, also. And if you believe the “new world order” is a danger, if you think “we are in the end times,” or visit “alternative news sites” like Fox News or this one, you're a “potential terrorist.” All of those apply to me, so I must be a “potential terrorist,” although I've never contemplated killing innocent people to make a political or religious point. I've never raped or beheaded anybody or otherwise murdered them for not agreeing with my “directives.” Meanwhile, Muslim extremists, who HAVE, are NOT, according to the feds. Being a “terrorist,” means you have no rights, and can be treated just like they treat the Muslims at GITMO. That list includes all those who talk about individual liberties. So you can expect them to “come for you,” soon. And don't expect a fair trial. Trials aren't for “terrorists.” There are actually 72 listings on the government's list. Click the link below to see all of them, and be afraid....VERY afraid. They may come after you for reading this. (Activist Post)

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