Saturday, October 31, 2015

Communist Goals

Everything I hear from the Democrats speaks to me of communism. Now, I know that makes most people's eyes glaze over when I talk about communists or communism, because they were conned into believing “communism is dead” when the Soviet Union “collapsed.” But it didn't “collapse,” it was made to LOOK that way to “put us to sleep,” and it succeeded. But notice that the same people are still running things over there. Communism is just one form of COLLECTIVISM. Socialism is another, with only cosmetic differences. The very BASIS for collectivism is revealed in their motto, “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED,” making NEED a DEMAND on the EARNINGS of those willing and able to PRODUCE new wealth. It's a philosophy of THEFT. The same motto fuels socialism, and collectivism. And everything that comes out of a Democrat mouth SPEAKS of communism, socialism, or collectivism. Like “income inequality.” Or, 'soak the rich,” “make the rich pay more taxes,” although they NOW pay the most income taxes of ANYBODY.

Then there's the “sharing” theme, which is one of the things I remember the most about grade school as well as high school. They say “the middle class pays too much, (which they DON'T). They want to raise the minimum wage to the stratosphere, even though that will run a lot of people out of business because they can't pay that much for “entry level” employees requiring a lot of training to do the simplest things, and will cost many people their jobs, One of their candidates is an ADMITTED socialist, and another spouts all the communist goals (though she denies being a socialist) and nobody calls her on it. This is how the communists took over Russia and put them through 75 years of misery until their system did “collapse” of its own weight. Yes, COMMUNISM did collapse in Russia. But SOCIALISM did not. Russia is STILL a socialist country, run by the same people who held power under communism. Read the words of Thomas Sowell, professor of economics at Hoover Institute, who lays it all out for you in layman's terms. Even an economic dolt like me can understand him, so you should have no problem. (Thomas Sowell)

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