Friday, October 9, 2015

What Should Be Done

The Islamic terrorists took over the town without a shot being fired. They do that a lot because there often isn't anybody there who even has a gun. Then they started killing people for not denouncing their faith and “converting' to Islam. They brought a man and a boy out, demanded they ”convert,” and they refused. Just as one of the Muslims prepared to behead the man, his head exploded, throwing blood and brain matter all over his fellows, Then two more on his fellows died in the next couple of minutes and the Muslim terrorists fled, as they usually do whenever they encounter ANY real opposition. The boy and his father were saved by a sniper from the British SAS (Special Air Service). Not an American, of course. Obama's “rules of action” prevent it. It takes the British to do what is required. I was going to say, “meanwhile, Americans bomb hospitals,” but then I learned that Islamic terrorists were using that hospital that got bombed as a base of operations, as they usually do. Maybe we need a lot more British snipers in Syria to do what we can't, because of our stupid president. (Conservative Tribune)

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