Monday, October 5, 2015

$Billions Lost!

I Stumbled across this video quite by accident, and the content sickens me, even if it is in Kazakhstan, and owned by the Russian government. It makes me want to cry. It is mute testimony to the incompetence and IGNORANCE of many politicians. The wasted money and time is stupendous, and the bureaucrats don't care, it's not their money. The Russian space program is still in existence, just a few miles away, and it is our own astronaut's only way to get to the space station while TWO multi billion dollar space shuttles molder in a multi billion dollar building as they begin to crumble to dust. Think about that: the country that was FIRST on the moon depending on the RUSSIANS to get us to our own space station while the Russians ABANDON such a structure and program of their own!. A government that is KNOWN to be our ENEMY in acts, if not in declaration. What if someday they refuse to transport our astronauts home? They'll surely DIE up there, DOOMED by the ignorance of incompetent politicians. (Design You Trust)

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