Thursday, October 1, 2015

So Much for "Peaceful Muslims"

They try to convince us that most Muslims are “peaceful” and don't want to kill us. Okay, I'll buy that, even if the Koran does tell them it's okay to LIE, shun, and “smite” “unbelievers” on the neck (behead) and do everything they can to undermine those who believe in a different God than they do. Even if screwing little boys in the rear is “cultural behavior” and should be ignored by American soldiers, while Muslims demand female American soldiers wear the Muslim prescribed headgear when going off base, and “respect” other Muslim practices. My question is this: “Why do we bother?” Our politicians tell us we need to “protect” the Afghan people (so they can go on screwing little boys and keeping them chained to their beds so they're close by when the Muslim man wants to screw them again?). Why do we support such people? People who think screwing little boys and keeping them in sexual slavery is okay, while MURDERING adults who engage in sex with someone of the the same sex? In Muslim countries, “gay sex” is a death sentence—unless it is being carried out with small boys—and it's one-sided. That's a “cultural thing.” It's not gay sex when the victim is a small boy, being raped. Yeah, right! (Just common sense)

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