Saturday, October 24, 2015

Democrats Will Rejoice

Denny Hastert is in trouble. He's pleading guilty to corruption. He's a Republican. So Democrats will have a lot of fun with it. The story won't go away for weeks, months, years! Because he's a Republican, not a Democrat. If he were a Democrat, they'd ignore it, or if they talked about it at all, they'd make excuses for him, "circling the wagons." That's the way they operate. If a Democrat gets caught with his/her hand in the cookie jar, it's “just an aberration, nothing here, folks! Move along.” If it's a Republican, they go completely bananas and try to use it to destroy as many Republicans as they can. It's really too bad we allow such people to operate in a civilized society, and let them be such things as president, Secretary of State, etc., so they can screw everything up, and blame it all on Republicans. (NBC News)

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