Thursday, October 15, 2015

"Mission Accomplished!"

Liberals like to make a “big thing” of George Bush's photo op in front of a “Mission Accomplished” sign, even though he DID accomplish the mission he set for himself. He whipped the crap out of Saddam and sent him hiding in his little “rat hole” in about 200 hours. Yes, American soldiers were still there, just as they were still in Japan for a long time after WWII, “cleaning up” as an “occupying force.” The mission WAS accomplished, as was Obama's after he told the troops to “cut and run” from Iraq, and leave a lot of expensive ordinance and equipment for the terrorists, who had yet to take the name they use now, “ISIS.” ISIS is Obama's CREATION and every innocent person they kill splashed their blood on his hands. Every success they obtain is because of Obama's policies and actions. which is something he can't deny, although he will..(Town Hall)

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